Elkridge Properties

We finance homes to people with poor or no credit. Our interest rate is 12% fixed.Our standard term is 20 yrs but that can be changed to a shorter term. Taxes and insurance are included in the monthly payment. No penalties for early payoff  or refinancing. I do not finance homes with no money down. For more information Call Kord at 580-467-8879 
Cabin at Lake Humphries- Area D lot 22 Marlow, Ok.  This is a total remodel with 2 bedrooms and a large utility room.  This property has a lakefront view. 
Purchase price $54,900 Will finance with  $5,000 down and $600 a month for a 20 year term
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2010 West Oak. Good neighborhood and close to Mark Twain school. 3 bedroom with garage, fenced back yard, and storm cellar. Will finance with 2500 down. Purchase price 56,900. Monthly payment 650 which includes taxes and insurance. Call Kord at 580-467-8879 for more info.
104 E Spruce- 4 bedroom 2 bath
1311 West Walnut.
2500 down & 650 a month text.